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    When Julien expressed his desire to play football, he and I came to an agreement. He must maintain a C or better in all of his classes. He is currently failing Ceramics/Sculptures with an F. Tomorrow is the big match up between Brookfield East vs Brookfield Central. I have always put more emphasis on his education. Nan has always placed a higher value on sports. This has created quite of bit tension between the three of us when Julien does not live up to his end of the agreement. There are one or two missing assignments in the other classes, but he is still maintaining B's and C's. This one class though is one that he is not particularly fond of. He has done 1 of 2 projects and 1 of 6 assignments over the past month. I have tried to make him aware of the missing work hoping he would catch up. Now that playing football is in jeopardy, he is scrambling to get this work done and graded so he can play. I don't know how to teach him responsibility if I ok him to play. I fear it will only reinforce the idea that if he doesn't like something is he can quit without any consequence. That when he makes an agreement that he doesn't need to honor his end because he will get to do what he wants regardless of his efforts and actions.

    I feel stuck.

    Minh-Kiet Callies Balance. Easier said than done. Best thing is to remain consistent.

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